Ornamental Ideas

PhotoStar Ornaments can be gifts to one or to many. They can be family mementoes you start for yourself.

PhotoStar Ornaments make festive party favors for:

Kindergarten, high school, college graduations

Sweet 16 parties or Quinceañera celebrations

Engagement Parties


Silver or Gold Wedding Anniversaries

Any party where people want special memories of each other.

They're also intricately handmade gifts to someone you love, just because.

Who should give PhotoStar Ornaments?

Mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, aunts. And, yes, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, and sons. Friends or anyone who's looking for a Christmas gift that will become an heirloom ornament.


Pets are a popular category of their own.

The 8-Pointed Star

This symbol has a long history in religion and folk art. It was chosen by the mystical Knights of Malta to represent the virtues they strove to achieve: perseverance, tact, gallantry, loyalty, and sympathy. It has been used to represent ying and yang, a harmoniously balanced design. And, as a PhotoStar, it is designed to shine on your Christmas tree.