Photostar Shopping

Surround your favorite photos with color and sparkle and show them off in handmade PhotoStars.

Actual PhotoStar Ornaments may vary very slightly in yarn weight and color from the photos, as these adorable ornaments are woven one by one. If you have questions about your specific PhotoStar, email me:

PhotoStar Ornament Favorites


Nearly 90% of my customers tell me the colors they want, then leave the rest to me. (Be specific about color. Not blue, but baby blue, navy blue.) Check #11 above, if you want to choose very specific colors.


Diameters: Standard size: approximately 3 7/8" at ornament's widest point.
Tree Topper size: Approximately 8 1/2" at ornament's widest point.

Yarns: PhotoStar Ornaments combine threads and yarns for a cozy, yet elegant look. Textures and shimmers blend to create your unique handmade ornament. Delightfully different from large retailers' same ol' same ol' ornaments.

Colors: PhotoStar Ornaments come in your choice of solid or multi-colored yarns mixed with metallic threads. A  group of ornaments using multi-colored yarns will have a family feeling rather than an identical look. Hundreds of color combinations!

Cost: $14.95 each. Tree Topper size: $18.95. Order 12 PhotoStar Ornaments, and receive 13, the traditional Baker's Dozen. Free shipping on orders over $100. Allow two weeks for delivery.