About PhotoStars

They're about your son, your daughter, your world. They're the photos you keep. Memories we surround in color and sparkle -- white, ivory and silver threads glamorize the just-married couple, brown with gleaming copper surround the golden anniversary couple, because the male half wanted a "guy" color.

Creator Suzanne Jacob, Jake to friends and adult family, Aunt Suzie to almost 100 nieces and nephews, has been making PhotoStar Ornaments as gifts for years. Word-of-mouth led to an appearance on HGTV.

As a memorial to the 366 police, firefighters, and paramedics who died on 9/11, she created PhotoStar Ornaments for their families. Perhaps, her most treasured thank you letter came from the widow who hung up her husband’s photo, then wrote, "I spent Christmas Eve talking to an ornament on a tree.”

Every PhotoStar Ornament tells someone's story. Why not yours?